Principal's Message

The Warrensburg School District has adopted the Green Dot violence prevention strategy for grades PreK-12.  Ridge View Elementary has set the week of September 18-22 as a time to emphasize bully prevention and to educate our students on how to identify and report bullying behavior as well as stand up and help those in need. We will participate in fun activities and fun dress up days that emphasize kindness toward everyone.

green dot

Monday: “Wear Your Green Dot”

             * Wear green to show you will be proactive

                Tuesday: “Have the Power to Stand Up”

                    * Dress Like a Super Hero

  Wednesday: “Sock it to Bullying”

     * Wear Crazy Socks

     Thursday: “Team Up Against Bullying”

    * Wear your favorite team

     Friday: “Too Much Pride to be a Bully”

    * Wear your favorite Tiger Apparel


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